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We love the work of  Italian artist/designer Simone Legno (aka Tokidoki - in partnership with Pooneh Mohajer). We first fell in love when we discovered the Moofia collection way back in the day. According to Mr Legno, Mozzarella leads the Moofia. The Moofia was assembled to extort milk from the lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies. Mozzarella is loving and kind to good kids but ruthless and feared by those who harass the innocent. By taking the milk from the bad and giving it to the good, the Moofia know the good-hearted will grow up strong and healthy to protect themselves. Milk is power. Milk is protection.


This extremely adorable and very cuddly Tokidoki plush comes complete with original tags and a heart as big as you need for a friend for life.

All of our goodies are designed for display rather than for play and are aimed at collectors aged 15 years and over. 
Many of our goodies contain small parts which could casue a choking hazard if swallowed.

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